Added Value

Nobody can be more glamorous than Susan – she is a former movie star and played the mermaid in the Elvis movie “Love a Little – Live a Little” using the screen name Susan Henning – but she is also a very hands on owner of her farm and breeding program. Susan doesn’t endorse any other product and sells Immunall and AfterAce because she uses it and want to make sure her clients do too!

Take advantage of Susan’s 30 years of breeding successful elite Hanoverians and Sport Horses. She understands the issues from the cost and issues in the breeding season to the performance issues in training and showing. As a winning USEF competitor, Susan knows the importance of keeping horses in condition and relies on Immunall and AfterAce to do the job!


Susan’s screen name is Susan Henning



Her horses are beautiful and competitive because they are HEALTHY! Call Susan at (916) 203-1821 and learn how to use these products, you will be happy with how cost-effective they are.