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 Immunall is your one-stop herbal supplement for boosting energy, supporting the immune system, and promoting great health and fertility in horses, dogs and other pets!  Immunall is a world-wide patented combination of 100% natural ingredients. Its success is based on scientific proof in collaboration with field trials.

Immunall is an all natural combination of strategically blended herbs designed to improve your horse’s overall health and immune system. Immunall stimulates the immune system by providing extra energy and regulating your horse’s katabolic functions. By boosting energy and supporting your horse’s immune system, Immunall promotes optimal health in many areas.

Immunall’s unique blend of all natural herbs, have been used for medicinal purposes by herbalists for centuries. The active ingredients in Immunall are:

  • Uncaria tomentosa 

  • Echinacea purpurea

  • Eleutherococcus senticosus

  • Allium sativum

  • Viola tricolor

  • Juglans regia

  • Carduus marianus

    IMMUNALL Feeding Instructions

    General Use
    2 X 25ml Daily For 10 Days, Then 1 X 25ml Daily

    Competition Horses
    1 X 25ml Every Other Day

    Racehorses (During Racing Season):

    1 X 50ml Daily For 10 Days, Then 1 X 25ml Daily


    1 X 25ml Daily For Six Weeks Before Covering / Inseminating, Until Six Weeks In Foal, Then 1 X 15ml Daily For One Week Per Month Until Six Weeks Before Birth Date 1 X 15ml Until Foal Is Four Weeks Old

    1 X 50ml Daily During Working Season

    Recovering Foals, Weanlings And Yearlings
    2 X 20ml Daily For 10 Days, Then 1 X 25 Ml For Ten Days

    Foals, Weanlings, Yearlings
    1 X 15-25ml Daily (Depending On Size, Age And Breed) For One Week Per Month


Offering Immunall 1000 ml for $137.50. To order call Susan Worthington at (916) 203-1821



Afterace (formerly nOCD) is a product made of 100% natural ingredients. This herbal combination is known to be helpful in cases of muscle and joint problems in horses, dogs and other pets. Afterace is helpful in releasing toxic waste that has built up in the muscular system and in the joints, causing inflammation and restriction in movement.  These waste products often settle in the muscle tissues which are not rich in blood flow, particularly the parts attached to the bone and in and around joints. This might cause pain resulting in less movement as well as inflammation mid to long term, or even calcification of the ligaments.

It is also thought that waste products, being acid, have a negative effect on the level of hyaluronic acid in the joints which in turn causes the soft cartilage to calcify and possibly form Osteochondrosis (OCD). At the same time more wear and tear will appear in the joints as well as loss in freedom of movement.

Afterace is thought to bring the acid balance back in the muscles and joints thus keeping down inflammation and avoiding calcification of the ligaments.

Herbs in Afterace help to reduce inflammation and help to quickly reduce the level of toxic waste in muscle tissue and tendon tissue. (Harpagophytum and Hypericum) Other herbs such as Ilex and Betula help to move toxic waste away through the blood system and urine system. Urtica helps to stimulate the cells to release the uric acids into the blood system to be transported away.

AFTERACE Feeding Instructions

 15ml Administered Orally Each Day (25ml For Two Days After Racing, In Racehorses)

Offering AfterAce 1000 ml for $137.50 To order call Susan Worthington at (916) 203-1821