Susan Worthington founded Rainbow Equus Meadows 30 years ago and is celebrating 30 years of success in breeding and showing. Immunall and AfterAce have played important roles in that history.


“We use Immunall on our mares and stallions with great success. Mares with poor uterine tone improve quickly, mares with lactational anestrous, cycle and get pregnant. First cycle conception is now almost a given which saves time and money. Stallion’s libido is up and semen longevity greatly improved as is their post thaw motility on frozen semen.”

Here are useful dosage instructions for using Immunall:


1 X 25ml Daily For Six Weeks Before Covering / Inseminating, Until Six Weeks In Foal, Then 1 X 15ml Daily For One Week Per Month Until Six Weeks Before Birth Date 1 X 15ml Until Foal Is Four Weeks Old

1 X 50ml Daily During Working Season

Recovering Foals, Weanlings And Yearlings
2 X 20ml Daily For 10 Days, Then 1 X 25 Ml For Ten Days

Foals, Weanlings, Yearlings
1 X 15-25ml Daily (Depending On Size, Age And Breed) For One Week Per Month